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Welcome to Giroma – a company that focuses on bringing people together to create exciting and profitable solutions.

Since the end of 2003 we have been providing comfortable, attractive, realistically priced homes that people enjoy living in. In the process we have enabled enterprising individuals to invest in meaningful projects that have brought them gratifying levels of financial return.

Our business strategy is to build strong relationships with clients - whether investors or tenants – and with entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. Continuous learning, and designing win-win solutions, are our trademark.

Giroma’s international outlook makes us open to using a range of strategies to improve efficiency. Although the majority of our work is currently in the UK, we also take up profitable opportunities in other countries.

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31 October 2017

Our autumn edition can now be read on the website, immediately below this news item. In this edition our theme is cognitive diversity. We pay tribute to Dame Helen Alexander whose untimely death in August deprived the world of an exceptionally talented and visionary leader. Her commitment to diversity as a source of creativity has greatly inspired us. So has Dr Stephen Covey’s work on win-win solutions, seeking synergy rather than compromise and leveraging differences as an abundant problem-solving resource.

Our rental property update outlines some recent maintenance jobs and shows the variety of work undertaken.