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Welcome to Giroma – a company that focuses on bringing people together to create exciting and profitable solutions.

Since the end of 2003 we have been providing comfortable, attractive, realistically priced homes that people enjoy living in. In the process we have enabled enterprising individuals to invest in meaningful projects that have brought them gratifying levels of financial return.

Our business strategy is to build strong relationships with clients - whether investors or tenants – and with entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. Continuous learning, and designing win-win solutions, are our trademark.

Giroma’s international outlook makes us open to using a range of strategies to improve efficiency. Although the majority of our work is currently in the UK, we also take up profitable opportunities in other countries.

Latest News

Update from the Centre for Alternative Technology

27 May 2021

It’s good to know that CAT near Machynlleth in Powys is re-opening for visits and courses. This educational charity is dedicated to researching and communicating positive solutions for environmental change, enabling people to respond creatively to the climate and biodiversity emergency.

From August 19th the Visitor Centre will be open daily for pre-booked visits.

New Zero Carbon Britain course from CAT in June and November.

If you’re looking for practical, positive, science-based information about climate solutions, this 2-day course may interest you. Running on June 23rd-24th, the course will be online and interactive. It was developed by the Centre for Alternative Technology in consultation with local Councils.

As CAT puts it, “The science says we must, the technology says we can, time to say we will!”

Here’s the link for more information: Zero Carbon Britain

Energy, food and biodiversity are in the course programme. So is lifestyle: specifically how we can have a modern lifestyle and create employment while improving our wellbeing and ensuring a safe, sustainable future for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Free places are available for people who would otherwise be unable to attend.

If the programme appeals to you but the June dates don’t suit your schedule, the good news is that the same course is running on November 17th–18th: Zero Carbon Britain