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Welcome to Giroma – a company that focuses on bringing people together to create exciting and profitable solutions.

Since the end of 2003 we have been providing comfortable, attractive, realistically priced homes that people enjoy living in. In the process we have enabled enterprising individuals to invest in meaningful projects that have brought them gratifying levels of financial return.

Our business strategy is to build strong relationships with clients - whether investors or tenants – and with entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. Continuous learning, and designing win-win solutions, are our trademark.

Giroma’s international outlook makes us open to using a range of strategies to improve efficiency. Although the majority of our work is currently in the UK, we also take up profitable opportunities in other countries.

Latest News

Working towards carbon neutrality

8 October 2019

Rob and Gill went to Hereford on October 1st to hear an inspiring presentation about Zero Carbon Britain. The speaker was Paul Allen, a scientist who has worked for 30 years at the Centre for Alternative Technology. All the information he shared is free to download from Zero Carbon Britain

Three reports he mentioned specifically are “Zero Carbon Britain: Making It Happen”, “Raising Ambition: Zero Carbon Scenarios from Across the Globe” and “People, Plate and Planet”.

It was encouraging to hear that the technology needed for carbon neutrality is already available. Although there isn’t yet enough political will, this is growing steadily – thanks to the work of many people around the world including Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion movement. Mr Allen noted that Sir David King, the UK government’s former chief scientist, had said recently that Britain’s target date for net carbon neutrality should be moved forward from 2050 to 2040.

Naturally we’re thinking about what Giroma can do. Our Local Authority, Herefordshire Council, aspires to be carbon neutral by 2030/31, and to achieve this across the county by working with strategic partners, residents and local organisations. As an interim step, the Council has committed to update its carbon management plan by April 2020.