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About Giroma: Testimonials

J. R.

I have been one of Giroma’s clients for several years. They are a good company to work with, they communicate openly and it has been a positive experience investing in their programmes. The returns are good, but what I value most is the trust I have built up with them.

S. K.

Interest rates are low, one has to live many decades for an annuity to repay the capital let alone realise interest. I’m nearing retirement and my pensions need a lot of help, so I looked around for alternative investments that would offer long term rewards and a reasonable income. I have invested in many things but my largest investment has been in Giroma’s FFP lite scheme; this offers the prospect of capital growth in the very long term and a regular income in the meantime. My investment in this programme has been my most lucrative property investment so far.

Giroma have met the challenges of a volatile economy by adapting both their strategy and focus. A falling property market saw them moving into the rental market and finding new ways to fund this venture whilst maintaining their development role.

A. O.

I first contacted Giroma in the summer of 2006 and visited them as I was living reasonably close to their office at that time. The first thing that struck me was how encouraging they were and how they clearly want their investors to benefit as much as themselves. They are always accessible and willing to meet. I really appreciate their ethics and spirit of care and the fact that they want investors to be happy with the decisions they make. They are willing to listen to personal doubts and help with lack of understanding or questions about returns. This is a level of support that you will not find in a larger organization. Since 2006 I have invested significant sums in various Giroma projects and they have always delivered. I have maintained the feeling that I’m dealing with a company that cares as much about my prosperity as their own and I cannot speak too highly of them.

R. Mistry

I have invested in Giroma for several years because it’s a company with integrity and what they advocate is what you get, with no hidden charges.

Furthermore they allow anyone to invest with very low sums of money so everyone can benefit.

Finally, they are very approachable and are not in some high tower. I therefore recommend anyone to invest with Giroma with confidence.

A. W.

Capable management, innovative projects and good returns. A winner all round.

D. & A. R.

We have been with Giroma since 2004 and have seen our Investments grow. We have found them to be honest and reliable, very approachable and happy to give personal service. We have a regular cheque going into our bank which supplements our pension. We are happy to recommend them.

B. D.

Giroma is a co-operative property development company with a human face. I have been impressed by the company’s readiness to put itself under scrutiny. The directors are creative, principled people, bringing intellectual rigour and “rolled up sleeves” to their work. The quality of their refurbishment, woodwork, fixtures and fittings is always noteworthy. Investors are encouraged to offer their ideas to create “win-win” (mutually advantageous) situations and to comment on, and perhaps improve, promotional literature. Agents, builders, management teams and so on are considered “partners”. It is easy to get involved, beyond the monetary, if you wish to do so. As a member of the clergy I don’t have large sums to invest, but I wish to continue to shape my property portfolio through commitment to Giroma. Although no property development is without risk, I feel very comfortable to be part of a creative, solid, dependable company which aims for realistic returns, delivers on its promises, reaches out to “the cutting edge” and keeps faith with the small investor.

The views you’ve read here represent a wide range of people who have dealt with Giroma. If you are seriously considering taking part in one of our programmes we may be able to arrange for you to talk to one of our current or previous investors.